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Depósito Legal: B-49224-99 Funciones léxicas del ECD

A continuación recogemos las funciones léxicas en una adaptación de Mel’… uk et al. (1984: 49-51) para algunos ejemplos del inglés general.

1. A0 adjective derived form entry word
A0(dog) = doggy
2. A1, A2 typical adjective for numbered participant
A1(suspicion) = full of
3. Able1, Able2 ability of numbered participant
able1(fear) = fearful
able2(fear) = fearsome
4. Advo adverb from entry word
Advo(happy) = happily
5. Adv1, Adv2 adverb from numbered participant
Adv1(fear) = fearfully
6. Anti antonym (exact or near)
Ant(happy) = sad
7. Bon standard praise for entry
Bon(advice) = sound
8. Caus cause
Caus(sit) = set
9. Centr center of
Centr(city) = heart
10. Cont continue
Cont(go) = keep, keep on
11. Contr non-antonymic contrast
Contr(chair) = table
12. Convijk conversive (opposite where participants switch roles)
Conv321 (buy) = sell
13. Culm Culmination of
Culm(ability) = peak
14. Degrad degradation of (dimension can be specified: color, movement, etc)
15. Epit standard epithet (representing a part of entry)
Epit(body) = physique
16. Excess excessive functioning of (dimension can be specified as in Degrad)
Excess(eyelid) = flutter
17. Fact0,1,2 verb meaning "the realization of" with the entry as grammatical subject and the participants as objects Facto(suspicion) = confirm
18. Figur metaphor of the entry
Figur(love) = fire
19. Fin stopping of
Fin(fly) = land
20. Func0,1,2 verb which takes the entry as subject of first participant, second participant, etc.
Func1(idea) = come to
21. Gener generic word
Gener(blue) = color
22. Germ the core of
Germ(problem) = crux
23. Imper the command associated with
Imper(care) = Watch out!
24. Involv verb meaning non-participant involvement
Involv(scent) = fill
25. Incep the beginning of
Incep(fly) = take off
26. Laborij verb which takes the participants ij as subject and object and the entry as secondary object
Labor12(esteem) = hold (i.e., holds y in esteem)
27. LabRealij verb meaning "the realization of" with the first two participants as subject and object and the entry as secondary object (a combination of Labor and Real)
LabReal12(mind) = bring to (x brings y to mind)
28. Liqu the elimination of
Liqu(group) = disband
29. Locin preposition for "in"
Locab preposition for "from"
Locad preposition for "to"
Locin(house) = in
30. Magn intensity (can specify dimension of quantity or duration)
Magn(hatred) = deep
31. Manif is manifest in, with the entry as subject
Manif(tear) = well up
32. Minus less of
Minus(wind) = slacken
33. Mult a regular aggregate of
Mult(paper) = ream
34. Nocer to harm, injure, or impair
Nocer(access) = cut off
35. Obstr to function with difficulty
Obstr(justice) = obstruct
36. Oper1,2,3 verb which takes numbered participant as subject and entry as object
Oper1(party) = throw
37. Perm permit or allow
Perm(go) = let
38. Plus more of
Plus(joy) = grow
39. Pos1,2,3 positive attributes of numbered participants
Pos1(game) = skilled
40. Pred copula for nouns and adjectives
Pred(prey) = fall, be
41. Propt preposition for "because of"
Propt(greed) = out of
42. Prox to be on the verge of
Prox(disaster) = on the brink of
43. Qual1,2,3 Highly probable qualities of numbered participants
Qual1(theft) = sneaky
44. Real1,2,3 verb meaning to realice with entry as object and numbered participants as subject Real1(ambition) = realice
45. S0 noun for entry
S0(hate) = hatred
46. S1,2,3 typical noun for numbered participant
S2(crime) = victim
47. Sinstr typical instrument
Sloc typical location
Smed typical means
Smod typical mode
Sres typical result
Sloc(house) = yard
48. Sing one instance of
Sing(paper) = sheet
49. Son to emit typical sound
Son(frog) = croak
50. Sympt to be a physical symptom of
Sympt(fire) = smoke
51. Syn synonym and near synonym
Syn(happy) = glad
52. V0 verb for entry
V0(song) = sing
53. Ver true, correct, or proper
Ver(ruling) = fair

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ISSN: 1139-8736
Depósito Legal: B-49224-99