Actas del II Congreso de la Región Noroeste de Europa de la Asociación de Lingüística y Filología de América Latina (ALFAL)

8.5 Objectives

The objectives of this paper are the following:

  1. To analyse the way in which the two competing political strategies (the hegemonic discourse of the government versus the counterhegemonic discourse of the EZLN) are discursively constructed and legitimised.
  2. To analyse the role of narrative in terms of the construction of the ontological and the epistemological view on the socio-political situation in Mexico
  3. To explore the relation between these discourses and social practice through interdiscursive analysis and discourse analysis.
  4. To analyse the way in which these discourses articulate new discourses that imply new strategies for social action.
  5. To analyse the contestation of Nationalism in the context of globalisation.

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